[takuboku] – 2013

::::::::: I-Swarm ::::::::: 

subliminal signal has paralyzed me 
enforcing the basic functions on me 
I froze in place waiting for next command  
and all has stopped 

the task has been suspended  
I and other like me, we stood motionless 
yet aware of the surroundings 
lost in the system drugged by the validity  
of intended task …  

for fraction of a second 
the signal faded 
I felt free, disconnected … 
I felt no unity

::::::::: Quantum Logic ::::::::: 

evolutionarily equipped 
with a mechanism of self-destruction 
I imagine myself reaching 
into the depths of my subconscious 
with artificial limb for signature energy 

I tap to the synapse and tune 
to the frequency of my thoughts 
hoping to intercept the flow of information 
defining principles of the primary instinct 

I visualise the connection 
I visualise the combination 
of symbols that will unlock my mind

::::::::: [visual cortex] – [V-1] ::::::::: 

I watch myself suspended in air 
physicality ceases to have any meaning 
spiritually decoded 
no longer as a part of the system 

I see nothing 
I feel nothing 
I am nothing 

everything ceases to have any meaning 
undefined, absent 
no longer as a part of reality 

::::::::: Vault 0110 ::::::::: 

My heart sank 
shiver pierced my body 
I could not stand, nor lay down 
or even kneel fully 
They threw me into the darkness 
the filth of the previous occupants 
engulfed me 

I sobbed falling in and out 
of consciousness 
Days came and went 
disease struck me down 
causing uncontrollable shivers 
Lice were crawling all over me 

the sense of isolation was devastating 
I became half out of my mind 
with pain and exhaustion 
My degradation was complete 
Based & Inspired on 
“The Forgotten Highlander” 
by Alistair Urquhart

::::::::: Causality ::::::::: 

An irruption 
from the collective unconscious 
can wipe out the fragile 
individual ego 

In the depths of the collective 
the archetypes slumber, 
slumber aroused 
they can destroy 

This is the danger 
of the archetypes 
the opposite qualities 
are not yet separated 
into paired opposites 
does not occur 
until consciousness occurs 
Inspired by “V.A.L.I.S.”: Philip K. Dick

::::::::: Esotericism ::::::::: 

selfish metaphor 
vastly complex 
we may still understand it 
by augmenting its capabilities 

the structure is exactly 
what you would expect 
form person trapped 
in impaired thinking 
all this leaves things in limbo 

for better or for worse 
there’s no reason to believe that 
we are matched to understand 

every level of reality 
our imaginary is never 
just complex surface 
it defines and strengthens 
our preferred interpretations 
it carries unconscious bias 
it changes idea in matter

::::::::: Imminent ::::::::: 

so close yet so distant 
I am filled with electrifying belief 
of my uniqueness 
immersed in everyday psychosis 
I feel fuzzy and steeped 

the system in I came to live 
I am filled with electrifying belief 
…so close 

I am not from here 
I feel fuzzy 

not from here 
and steeped in 

I am not from here 
steeped of the system 

not from this world…[?] 

I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind…