[expect:unexpected!] = [glitch] – 2022


Do you know what I like about planning? …nothing…absolutely nothing…and do you know why? because it doesn’t really matter, and here we are. A newborn experiment turned out to be so captivating I just couldn’t resist.

I’m not gonna bore you with details about how this colossus of a sound is being made, however, I can tell you that this is actually a song from start to finish. It has all the instruments, everything is recorded [4672] “a” standard way and yet it doesn’t sound like it. For years I’ve been trying to find a way to glitch my songs the way they would sound as sick as other stuff I make and there you go, 34 minutes long monster of a sound. If you can’t go through the whole colossus then please be patient, I’ve already prepared 5 mins version to which we’re planning to drop adequate video 😛

This is the first step towards an expansion I am planning. First of all, I’m coming back to one of my initial ideas, some of the new [4672] stuff will be instrumental only, the same as [noema], some may even appear in two versions. All those albums will be called [NH]. Also in the pipeline are, two new concepts, but about them later.

stay tuned!

All the best in the new year…..the year of [sick_studio]!