[452Hz] – LE digipak: 2020

[4672] – [452Hz]: in stock

Limited Edition Digipak / CD: 2020

Exclusive 10th Anniversary Edition

45.00 PLN / 10.00 EUR

Limited Custom Digipak Edition of 2011 [4672] album [452Hz] with four page booklet and one of a kind coverart, handcrafted 50 copies, none of two are the same. With exclusive downloadable content and digital art.

Celebrating 10th anniversary of [4672] first album released back in 2010-2011, we wanted to offer you a very unique version of this album, also appreciating your decade long support for our music and the fact that we’re all different, concept of this release was to be as unique as possible, to the full extent of that statement, therefore cover-art for each numbered copy is one of a kind, so purchasing this release not only supports our vision, but makes you a part of it.

Due to high demand and limited run, we’re only accept orders via email or messenger.

01.[spectrosphere] 02:56
02.[dynamical_system] 03:28
03.[lateral] 02:48
04.[partial_differential_equations] 02:52
05.[refraction] 03:32
06.[entropy] 02:47
07.[half-life] 02:29
08.[angular_displacement] 02:40
09.[452Hz] 00:12
10.[trans-mission] 02:58
11.[inertia] 04:26
12.[the_finite_element] 05:44
13.[apnea] 12:20

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