This took longer than I thought it would, ….. …for some reason, anyway pleased to tell you that brand new video for a track called [8+D2.0] which translates to “[STD] 2.0.”, will air on 24.01.2021 @8:00PM CET on YouTube (link below). This experiment will open an idea that came around November 2019. Track will feature Marcin “Mały” Brzeźnicki from [Mass Insanity] on vocals (if you like a good old classic death metal you have to check them out!), who initiated the idea. Track will be release along with 4 other compositions on the split with a project [MAUPOGER] later this year. This is the first single in history of [4672] which lyrics are written entirely in polish by Marcin. Stay tuned for more info regarding this release, hope you like the video! stay safe!

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[4672] – [8+D2.0]: [SPLIT]
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[4672] are:
Artur Ostrowski
Przemysław Trzaskowski
feat.: Marcin Brzeźnicki [Mass Insanity]
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Video Guest Appearance:
Waldemar “Hector” Połom [Mass Insanity]
Łukasz Szcześ
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Video by: SickStudio & Marcin Brzeźnicki ©2021
& Spectrosphere Studio
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(26) [4672]:  [Aether]

[4672]’s 2019 release [Aether] might be one of the first releases this year where I got the sense that heavy metal was having an existential crisis. Clued into them by a roundup on our site that actually had a really good lineup of bands, looking back at it, the almost random listing of band references that accompanied the description of [4672] meant I had to check it out. If anything, it seemed guaranteed that the music might just be a complete fucking mess — which I am often completely okay with.

First off: Every song on [Aether] is written within brackets, much like the group’s name. I will be dispensing with that… now… for the sake of my sanity. Second: What makes Aether interesting is also the fact that nearly every song on here is sub-three minutes, and the few that go over barely make it. The one that does make it is “Modus_Operandi”, which might as well be a doom song in comparison to most of the industrial grinders on Aether; it goes for nearly four minutes.

Much as the near-random listing of comparisons that appeared in our roundup suggested, [4672]‘s M.O is to throw everything at the wall, and whether it sticks or not, to have at least five backup plans to play with along the way. Songs dart and shudder about, some may be built around one real-specific and hammering groove, others start and stop whenever it seems like someone got distracted, and some feel like they’re written just to be an assault of noise.

As a whole experience Aether can be wild and wooly. It’s often one of the more fun aspects of heavy metal to have a band pick you up and throw you around like a rag doll, and much of the way Aether is written seems built to do just that. It’s hard to pick out specific songs when the whole thing feels like a neatly contained ball of chaos. This is one of those where you have to start it and let it run. I found the manic framework that [4672]work with to be an exciting change of pace from my usual death metal bludgeonings, and my industrial dork side was drawn to the band’s electronic playthings constantly weaving throughout each song.

No Clean Singing

Big words Straight from Texas “Aether” reviewed by Islander on NCS, massive thanks!

…”I did say at the outset of today’s collection that I aimed to provide variety, and there’s no better proof of that than the decision to include the new album by the bracket-obsessed Polish band [4672]. Although this album, [aether], is the band’s fifth full-length, it’s the first one I’ve been exposed to, and so I’m in no position to provide history or context. I will, however, quote the list of “Artists We Also Like” on the “About” section of their FB page: “NINdeftonestoolsamovznyiaantigamameshuggahcannibal corpsefear factorykornimminent“.

Got that? Well, I don’t blame you if that list doesn’t necessarily add up to anything you can imagine or make concrete. I don’t think the music really amalgamates all of those other sounds either, though the band don’t really make that claim. But the album is still a fascinating trip, and I’d say the majority of those references are relevant.

[4672] don’t mess around with long songs. Almost all of them are in the two-to-three-minute range, and the others are shorter. I don’t think I can be any more succinct about the experience than Rennie of starkweather, who pointed me to the recording and who characterized the music as “Meshuggah meets Antigama“. And it is indeed a twisted amalgam of bone-smashing, Meshuggah-like poly-rhythms and grind-like dementia; Fear Factory would be another good reference.

[4672] also put lots of other things into their fuming cauldron… including a rich toxic stew of crazed vocals (as well as some actual singing), industrial-strength grooves, bursts of asylum-like melody, drum artillery that would put uniformed professionals to shame, wisps of alien ambience, and enough tabs of LSD to wake Timothy Leary from his eternal slumber.

In a word, it’s nuts — and in another word, it’s fucking fantastic.

The music also led Rennie to remember a similar Polish act named [vz], whose name also appears in that list of Artists We Also Like, and may be related to [4672] if the brackets are any clue (there’s some relationship in the music too). Below I’ve included one of several [vz] videos with an S&M theme to the visuals. This one, “psychogram“, is 9 years old, but as Rennie said, it “remains punishing”. The video, by the way, is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK (not even a little bit).

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment below, we’ve learned that there is indeed a connection between [4672] and [vz], and we’ve also discovered a fascinating video for [aether]‘s title track, which is now included along with the album stream, just before the video for “psychogram“.

[aether] was released on May 31st.

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