Boredom … stagnation … the vastness of mediocrity and the enormity of typos caused a gag reflex with a frequency that pushed the musician tired of these ailments to put the numbers next to each other [4672]. The musician hid under the pseudonym [dem] to start searching for originality and a new sound in metal music, combining it with the cold of digital sounds and unusual divisions, brushing against dangerous areas called anti-music.

[4672] are:

Artur Ostrowski

Przemysław Trzaskowski

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After three long years [4672] is coming back with 5th full length album [aether], new vocalist and guests. Album has been released by ERMland / Moans Music and it is available on all major streaming platforms. CD contains 16 brand new tracks featuring Piotr Wasyluk, Marcin Kaźmierski, Mateusz Sibila, Dawid Furmaniewicz on vocals and Grzegorz Ambroży’s solo in [inclination]. Album has received already amazing reviews on KVLT, VOID Magazine, Metal Side & No Clean Singing.

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