Today is the day!, our new single [cluster_B] with Lucas [antigama/dante] drops, this is just the beginning for both of us. Lucas and Antigama for that instance according to their FaceBook page, planning an album for this year, yes, so if you like [cluster_B], you gonna love Antigama even more! I doubt you haven’t heard of them, if so, check them out! In the meantime please do enjoy our new single streaming on all major platforms!

Some of you probably have noticed that I have taken down a few albums off the streaming services, times are changing, and finally I was able to upload all albums in the quality they were originally recorded. You can expect lossless quality at least, across all major platforms now. Of course, it wouldn’t make any sense if I just dump all my music simply in better quality, no way! All albums are now in special editions, containing released only on CD versions of the tracks, with additional ambient-noises I love so much, lyrics and if you’re the Apple Music user, I even synced lyrics (this may take a few weeks to appear though).

Also while I was preparing the entire back catalog for streaming, I came across an earlier version of aether, surprisingly different… in a good way, then I thought why not release it? it could be a great way to listen to [aether] again, however slightly from a different angle. Let’s face it, how often do we go back to our favorite albums hoping that we’ve missed something? Not sure what you guys think about this, but personally I think it’s a pretty damn sweet idea! [dark_aether] drops on 31.05.2022, following Bandcamp release later on.

[dark_aether] – 31.05.2022

BandCamp Fridays are back!

so it comes to this…

As previously mentioned 2022 is going to be a year of changes, first of all, you may or not have noticed that all [4672] albums have been taken down from the streaming services, at least for now. I have a plan to re-publish them later on, in Hi-res, but at this point, only the latest releases will remain live. Also [4672] Facebook page is gone, you can still send me messages via messenger, however, this stuff is going too, eventually. In terms of news and what is planned for the future, this website is going to be the only place to find it. The good news is Bandcamp will remain at least for now.

I know you may think this is crazy, however, Facebook #meta, made that choice for us a long time ago, turning its platform into business which immediately stopped working for us, at least not in a conventional matter and to be fair promoting my own stuff was never my strongest suit therefore once again I am leaving everything to the chance.

in terms of [4672], I think I have achieved more than I have ever expected, for this I am forever greatfull to all you out there and it would be foolish to think it can go further, plus that was never my goal. [4672] always had been an experimental project where I wanted to do things my way, away from restrictions, trends and things consider to be a standard practice. Therefore I came to the realisation that without a major change, this project will simply going to die out, and since I still very much so enjoy making music, things just have to change.

Thought you might be interested in how we’ve managed to pull this off…

Last Sunday, Dec. 5th we premiered our latest video [cluster_B]. As per usual this was a long-overdue, for some reason it always takes ages to do something exciting. The track itself was written almost two years ago and went through countless alterations before I even considered it good enough to share it with Lucas. It all started with a basic idea, we knew one thing, it needed to be worthy of a Track. We’ve always wanted to work with Lucas, and when the right opportunity came along, we immediately decided that [stop-motion] will be the best platform. Having previous #little experience with [stop-motion] and knowing the limitations of that method we’ve started writing.

Here’s the first video we made using stop-motion.

I’m not saying it was easy, scripts are always challenging, plus the reality and availability of various products required to simply do the job are not something easy to deal with. I think it is fair to say that we’ve started pre-production somewhere around April 2021. We had a basic script with a list of shots we’d like to make, however, we tend to leave room for improvisation which plays a huge part in our creating process especially for me when it comes to writing the music. This time wasn’t any different. We knew that in order to take this production to the next level we need to combine various methods of filming. Obviously wanting is one thing…

So, long story short we’ve decided that we’ll shoot [cluster_B] on green screen, and like this wouldn’t be enough we’ll try to amalgam it with the traditional way of making a video with stop-motion techniques.

We’ve split the ideas in half and took on the building of the model. I never tend to keep a record of what I do, I get so immersed into the creation process, I instantly forget about surroundings and the fact it would be cool to show later how the stuff was made. Luckily Przemek aka “J-sick” Trzaskowski keeps a record of some of the scenes and builds he makes. Below I’ve gathered a few time-lapses from the build we’d like to share with you. I hope you’ll find this equally exciting and inspiring.

Thanks for being here with us and feel free to share this story, if you have any comments or questions you know you can always write to us, we may not answer straight away but we definitely will asap.

and here’s the final product in case you haven’t seen it yet…

in case you wondering when this will hit streaming platforms or will it ever make it to CD, then the answer is “possibly”, “that’s the plan”, “maybe”

sorry, I can’t give you any concrete details, we simply don’t know it yet. The plan is always the same, look for a publisher – when failed, publish it yourself heheh, anyway be patient with us and enjoy the new stuff!

Thanks for the support [4672] / SickStudio

Our work is now officially done! this means [SPLIT] is ready! however this is only the half of the story, we’re still waiting for project MAUPOGER to finish up their stuff and only then we’ll be able to talk dates, in the meantime we’ve decided to tease you a little bit with BONUS material that has been composed last year and for some reason fits perfectly within concept of new things. It’s called “[SPLIT] the mind” and you can download it below for free! (mp3). We’ve decided that it would be best if we showcase those tracks in more SICKSTUDIO style. One thing lead to another and we’ve created over 10min. long video which consist of ACT I-VI (with hidden fragments of actual tracks from the [split], however music with sneak peak of [SPLIT] is exclusive to the YouTube video only, hope you’ll enjoy!

stay tuned for some more stuff!

This took longer than I thought it would, ….. …for some reason, anyway pleased to tell you that brand new video for a track called [8+D2.0] which translates to “[STD] 2.0.”, will air on 24.01.2021 @8:00PM CET on YouTube (link below). This experiment will open an idea that came around November 2019. Track will feature Marcin “Mały” Brzeźnicki from [Mass Insanity] on vocals (if you like a good old classic death metal you have to check them out!), who initiated the idea. Track will be release along with 4 other compositions on the split with a project [MAUPOGER] later this year. This is the first single in history of [4672] which lyrics are written entirely in polish by Marcin. Stay tuned for more info regarding this release, hope you like the video! stay safe!

link to fb event:

link to YT:

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[4672] – [8+D2.0]: [SPLIT]
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[4672] are:
Artur Ostrowski
Przemysław Trzaskowski
feat.: Marcin Brzeźnicki [Mass Insanity]
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Video Guest Appearance:
Waldemar “Hector” Połom [Mass Insanity]
Łukasz Szcześ
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Video by: SickStudio & Marcin Brzeźnicki ©2021
& Spectrosphere Studio
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Hope you’ve liked our brand new video, if so please do share it with your mates, below front cover of [split] album and concept of layout!