—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
derived from the first principle 
the true nature is only vaguely revealed 
physically transmitted by polarized light 

(Everything is connected to one vibratory source) 

Everything is you 
Cognitive Bias 

For that fate you have already made your choice 
understanding is still pending 
breeding pestilence 

Everything is you 
Cognitive Bias 

////inspired by: William Blake //// 
—- —— ——- —

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
“Probability is not a mere computation of odds, 
branch of applied skepticism, 
sarcastic laugh of crippled reality” 

it is the acceptance of the lack of certainty in our knowledge 
and the development of methods for dealing with our ignorance 

We are but many 
many in one 
We are but many 
many in one 

Nothing’s ever real 
Nothing’s ever real 

We are but many 
many in one 
We are but many 
many in one 

////inspired by – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, “Fooled by Randomness”//// 

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
Brain has its own way of filling-in blanks 
we take perception for – granted at all times 
it seems so instant – granted at all times 
fluid and automatic 

we’ve all been fooled 
by our own apparatus 

Cultivate silence 
Hone your intuition 
Nurture your creativity 
Ground yourself 

Reality however convincing (appears to us) 
is just a vivid construct 
carries the scars of that emotional bias 
denied and unconscious 
lifeless and switched-off 

Cultivate silence 
Hone your intuition 
Nurture your creativity 
Ground yourself 
—- —— ——- — 

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
Living a life sentence seems to be a coherent choice 
Intellectual extant seems to have irreversible bad taste 
Symbolism intended by subliminal messaging 
are no longer playing a crucial part 

the change is imminent 
get in tune with yourself 

don’t just: ///eat, sleep, work – repeat/// 

engage your life cycle 
fix the crippled machine 

become the belief 
experience all 

don’t just: ///eat, sleep, work – repeat/// 

use your time 
engage your soul 

become the belief 
experience all 
—- —— ——- — 

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
Indeterminate gender 
thought without a construct 
form without the term 
soul without a purpose 

intersex reality 
only questions – no answers 
no physical integrity 
repression instead of aid 

subduing the thought 
process remains unconscious 
when everything is a term 
definition becomes a problem 
—- —— ——- — 

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
complexity arises form a simple rule 
subjective to socially engineered reality 
systematic pattern that has been pulled over our eyes 
disguises confession of guilt 

divided rationality in judgment 
consequence of random behaviour 
this sickness engulfed me 

the fall 
dark descent 

futile to imagine we win 
futile to believe we survive 

the fall 
dark descent 
—- —— ——- — 

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
epileptic flash 
blood red 
choose, the wrong way 
blood, death, imminent end 

trip in dark lodge 
surrealism sought to be releases 
the lonely creative potential of the unconscious mind 
set irrational juxtaposition /// fire walk with me /// 

Venus de Milo frozen in time 
smoking gun /// fire walk with me /// 

the lonely creative potential /// fire walk with me /// 
of the unconscious mind /// fire walk with me /// 
set irrational juxtaposition /// fire walk with me /// 

trip in dark lodge 
surrealism sought to be releases 
the lonely creative potential of the unconscious mind 
set irrational juxtaposition  

Venus de Milo frozen in time 
smoking gun  

////inspired by – David Lynch, “Fire walk with me”//// 
—- —— ——- —

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
Where are you with that darkness? 
do you still visit? /// do you? /// 

that little voice in the back of your head 
its not your consciousness /// nor inner speech /// 
its fear /// it is there /// 

biological clock unwinds from conception to demise 

Heredity through asexual reproduction 
infinitely dead cycle /// cycle of Dead thoughts /// 

Irrational is intolerable to the rational 
guard against the primal competitive instinct 
Eternal recurrence of capacity for choice 

—- —— ——- — 
—- —— ——- — 
I want you to learn 
that everything is mortal 

I want you to know 
there is no other side 

I want you to care 
about your dreams 
and your pain 

////Lyrics by: Piotr Wasyluk //// 
—- —— ——- —

—- —— ——- — 
darkness of ignorance 
blindly maintains the correctness of its own opinion 
must be dispelled 

the conflicting beliefs 
are no longer entertaining perception of purpose 

the works of the mind are alone in our power 
—- —— ——- — 

—- —— ——- — 
I discover consciously 
absence in presence 
bright semantic deficiency 
slipping through my fingers 

contrast – it is life 
contrast – it is a dream 

penetrating spectra 

—- —— ——- — 


a clear contrast appears to be evident 
It follows that the syntax is present 
life the ultimate game 
the only winning move is not to play 

experiencing subsequent conflicts 
we put a killing machine in motion 
no life matters 
or physical hunger 
life the ultimate game 
the only winning move is not to play


I do not experience anything 
other than the very recent past 
evolution has ensured that 
interactions imprint 
on any signature that I might measure 
the past is a blur construct 
which my right side 
of constant problem solving machine 
can fail to perceive 
the past is a blur memory 
of something that once had been a present 
or I do not experience anything 
interactions imprint 
on any signature that I might measure


I question myself 
truing to assess my own credibility 
whether to extract information or simply go with the flow 
confession of guilt 
am I unwilling suspect? 
did I plan this out? 
did it just happen on the spur of the moment? 
I question myself 
truing to assess my own credibility 
whether to extract information or simply go with the flow 
loaded question that contains the unspoken 
implicit assumption of guilt 
why do I feel like that? 
and what’s the point of all this?


Amid concerns 
it might seem as if our understanding 
is set to disappear in a fog of uncertainty 
maybe its for a better choosing 
avoid a consequences 
50 / 50 
seems to be no good enough


I stare at the clock 
aware of this illusion 
the illusion consumes me 
takes something from me 
I gain nothing 
with the digital mask on 
plunged into a physical world 
I flow through time 
and mind convenient illusion 
nothing is static or certain 


the inner artist of our true self 
perfectly synchronised 
conscious and unconscious 
slave of duality 
is day-dreaming about meaningful coincidences 
finishes sentence before even starting it 
knowing the ultimate question 
synchronises with the whole


the stark objectivity is somewhat disturbing 
people live immersed in illusion themselves created 
an invisible landscape 
rigid framework of daily creation 

The whole time, the only thing that is real is the mind 

the awakened mind aware of this illusion 
can modify this illusion 
immediately preceding what is regarded as first 
the essence of all 
is invisible to the eye 

the world without me 
was there before me 
and will be there after me 


there is no reason why the complex information 
processing at the core of human experience 
should continue to be unique 
to one biological implementation 
transfer contents of my brain 
into digital device 
I no longer wish to experience this physical body 
or invisible chains of constraints and opportunities 
this physical body is holding me 
let me ascend


you will be required to do wrong 
no matter where you go 
It is the basic condition of life 
to be required to violate 
your own identity 
It is the ultimate shadow 
the defeat of creation 
this is the curse at work 
the curse that feeds on all life 
Everywhere in the universe 
//// inspired by: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” 
by: Philip K. Dick ////


the core of my personal wounding 
coming up into my awareness 
through my emotional body 
I fall into the old paradigm 
its like having a surgery 
being wide awake 
there are no scalpers, 
no blood 
sliced flesh or bone


the pride connected with knowing 
and sensing lies like a blinding fog 
over the eyes and senses of men, 
thus deceiving them concerning 
the value of existence 
//// Quote by: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ////

::::::::: I-Swarm ::::::::: 

subliminal signal has paralyzed me 
enforcing the basic functions on me 
I froze in place waiting for next command  
and all has stopped 

the task has been suspended  
I and other like me, we stood motionless 
yet aware of the surroundings 
lost in the system drugged by the validity  
of intended task …  

for fraction of a second 
the signal faded 
I felt free, disconnected … 
I felt no unity

::::::::: Quantum Logic ::::::::: 

evolutionarily equipped 
with a mechanism of self-destruction 
I imagine myself reaching 
into the depths of my subconscious 
with artificial limb for signature energy 

I tap to the synapse and tune 
to the frequency of my thoughts 
hoping to intercept the flow of information 
defining principles of the primary instinct 

I visualise the connection 
I visualise the combination 
of symbols that will unlock my mind

::::::::: [visual cortex] – [V-1] ::::::::: 

I watch myself suspended in air 
physicality ceases to have any meaning 
spiritually decoded 
no longer as a part of the system 

I see nothing 
I feel nothing 
I am nothing 

everything ceases to have any meaning 
undefined, absent 
no longer as a part of reality 

::::::::: Vault 0110 ::::::::: 

My heart sank 
shiver pierced my body 
I could not stand, nor lay down 
or even kneel fully 
They threw me into the darkness 
the filth of the previous occupants 
engulfed me 

I sobbed falling in and out 
of consciousness 
Days came and went 
disease struck me down 
causing uncontrollable shivers 
Lice were crawling all over me 

the sense of isolation was devastating 
I became half out of my mind 
with pain and exhaustion 
My degradation was complete 
Based & Inspired on 
“The Forgotten Highlander” 
by Alistair Urquhart

::::::::: Causality ::::::::: 

An irruption 
from the collective unconscious 
can wipe out the fragile 
individual ego 

In the depths of the collective 
the archetypes slumber, 
slumber aroused 
they can destroy 

This is the danger 
of the archetypes 
the opposite qualities 
are not yet separated 
into paired opposites 
does not occur 
until consciousness occurs 
Inspired by “V.A.L.I.S.”: Philip K. Dick

::::::::: Esotericism ::::::::: 

selfish metaphor 
vastly complex 
we may still understand it 
by augmenting its capabilities 

the structure is exactly 
what you would expect 
form person trapped 
in impaired thinking 
all this leaves things in limbo 

for better or for worse 
there’s no reason to believe that 
we are matched to understand 

every level of reality 
our imaginary is never 
just complex surface 
it defines and strengthens 
our preferred interpretations 
it carries unconscious bias 
it changes idea in matter

::::::::: Imminent ::::::::: 

so close yet so distant 
I am filled with electrifying belief 
of my uniqueness 
immersed in everyday psychosis 
I feel fuzzy and steeped 

the system in I came to live 
I am filled with electrifying belief 
…so close 

I am not from here 
I feel fuzzy 

not from here 
and steeped in 

I am not from here 
steeped of the system 

not from this world…[?] 

I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind 
I’m out of …my mind…

::::::::: 01.Spectrosphere ::::::::: 
/*Inspired by Philip K. Dick*/ 

The true measure of a man 
is not his intelligence 
or how high he rises in 
this freak establishment. 
No, the true measure of a man 
is this: 
how quickly can he respond 
to the needs of others 
and how much 
of himself he can give 

::::::::: 02.Dynamical System ::::::::: 

Does motion exist 
or disappears on thin air 
when the pendulum stops 
I can fill the gap between the seconds 
catching the information carried by light 
observation becomes an obsession 
in this dynamic chaos 
I lose myself 

::::::::: 03.Lateral ::::::::: 

stream of waves 
and energy 
flowing through my body 
flowing through me 
primeval synaptic noise is understandable now 
the tune is changing 
as I acquire the new information 
I increase my senses 

::::::::: 04.Partial Differential Equations ::::::::: 

ladder of happiness but levels are gone 
A lucid dream I’ve could never understand fully 

::::::::: 05. Refraction ::::::::: 

I’m breaking my fingers, to suffer once more 
silent voice inside my head 
referring to all my concerns 
through a moral logic  
I live to suffer 
this drives me insane 

::::::::: 06. Entropy ::::::::: 

Morality proceeds 
along similar lines 
I have long thought 
of moral laws 
as fixed points of reality 
self-evident truths rooted in divine command 
I measure the uncertainty-associated 
with a random variable 
I define events 

::::::::: 07. Half-Life ::::::::: 

A single small change 
can have far-reaching 
and unpredictable effects 
I have to find a hallmark 
of a non-linear system 

::::::::: 08.Angular Displacement ::::::::: 

Combination of sequences 
and commands that evaporate the common logic 
what if logic can be reduced to mathematical theorems? 
can it be proved correct 
with an otherwise unattainable certainty? 

::::::::: 09.452Hz ::::::::: 

Connected to consciousness, consciousness switched off 

::::::::: 10.Trans-mission ::::::::: 

I listen to the sound of the void 
vast outer space overwhelms me 
I tune my senses to the frequency 
of the universe 
this sickness spreads like a cancer 
like guillotine it cuts my head 
I no longer believe in anything 
and trust anyone 
I see the transmission 
I am the transmission 
transmissions from the stars 
which broadcasts live 
this is the trans-mission 

::::::::: 11.Inertia ::::::::: 

I’m scanning the region of visible light 
towards longer wavelengths 
of the electromagnetic spectrum 
I’m looking for my higher self 
so sick of this realm 
if I can just tap into my subconscious 
than I could open the door to my inner potential 
obsession to understand everything that haunts me 
data stream is ahead of me 
why can not I reach it 
why still here I return 
I’m, dying again and again 

::::::::: 12.The Finite Element ::::::::: 

I’m breathing for all 
I dive deep into the common consciousness 
I calculate the loss of energy 
I put myself into a quantum superposition 
between two separated locations 

::::::::: 13.Apnea ::::::::: 

its complete, the fourth dimension