so it comes to this…

As previously mentioned 2022 is going to be a year of changes, first of all, you may or not have noticed that all [4672] albums have been taken down from the streaming services, at least for now. I have a plan to re-publish them later on, in Hi-res, but at this point, only the latest releases will remain live. Also [4672] Facebook page is gone, you can still send me messages via messenger, however, this stuff is going too, eventually. In terms of news and what is planned for the future, this website is going to be the only place to find it. The good news is Bandcamp will remain at least for now.

I know you may think this is crazy, however, Facebook #meta, made that choice for us a long time ago, turning its platform into business which immediately stopped working for us, at least not in a conventional matter and to be fair promoting my own stuff was never my strongest suit therefore once again I am leaving everything to the chance.

in terms of [4672], I think I have achieved more than I have ever expected, for this I am forever greatfull to all you out there and it would be foolish to think it can go further, plus that was never my goal. [4672] always had been an experimental project where I wanted to do things my way, away from restrictions, trends and things consider to be a standard practice. Therefore I came to the realisation that without a major change, this project will simply going to die out, and since I still very much so enjoy making music, things just have to change.