Our work is now officially done! this means [SPLIT] is ready! however this is only the half of the story, we’re still waiting for project MAUPOGER to finish up their stuff and only then we’ll be able to talk dates, in the meantime we’ve decided to tease you a little bit with BONUS material that has been composed last year and for some reason fits perfectly within concept of new things. It’s called “[SPLIT] the mind” and you can download it below for free! (mp3). We’ve decided that it would be best if we showcase those tracks in more SICKSTUDIO style. One thing lead to another and we’ve created over 10min. long video which consist of ACT I-VI (with hidden fragments of actual tracks from the [split], however music with sneak peak of [SPLIT] is exclusive to the YouTube video only, hope you’ll enjoy!

stay tuned for some more stuff!