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+Here we’re planning to put all the available online articles / posts about us, subject whether the site is still live though, dah

NoCleanSigning (EN) 2019 – This is the latest addition already lengthy list of reviews, however first from Texas, USA, thanks to Rennie of starkweather and Islander from NCS,

Tomek Michalski has become our greatest supporter and probably the biggest fan. With countless reviews, spots, interviews and constant help, he offered not only his time and dedication but priceless advice! he’s like our 4th member! Thanks Bro!

[aether] review on metalside.pl

[aether] promo reviewed

[coherence] album reviewed

Finally amazing interview, long as trip to hell and back, through decades of blood sweat and tears, history of a guy who only wanted to play on the guitar.

With Adam we know each other for a very long time, Adam was the first to listen to all our albums, starting with the debut [452Hz], he supported us and still does, like they say through thick and thin…forever grateful! Here’s in Adam’s words what’s it like to get punished by [aether] VoidMagazine.pl 2019 [PL]

Following Adam’s review we’ve visited him at UWM FM Radio in Olsztyn, here you can listen what really happened there #muzykatoprzyprawa 2019 [PL]

KVLT.pl 2019 [PL] – First [aether] review and amazing score 10/10 from Marcin Brzeźnicki from KVLT, known as a voice of Mass Insanity as well

After glorious review KVLT mention when dropped stream of [aether] KVLT.pl 2019 [PL]

and finally interview KVLT.pl 2019 [PL]

atmospheric.pl 2019 [PL] – probably the first ever mention of [aether] album, after we’ve dropped title track on YT. Thanks Guys!

FobiaZine 2013 [CZ] – one of the first still existing review of our second album [takuboku] highly rated by our friends from Fobia Zine

RockMetal.pl 2013 [PL] – also one of the first ever interviews still existing, Thanks RockMetal.pl