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On the 31st of May 2019 r.  Ermland Production released [aether] album. CD is available at our special price 25PLN including world wide shipping via our store, also @ Winylowo.com. This album, same as previous releases you can also listen on all major streaming platforms, including YouTube and BandCamp.


16.09.2018 r. We’ve released 2 promo singles + all amb’s promoting our 5th album [æther]. [coherence] has been published exclusively to BandCamp , make sure to check our download page regularly or sign up for our newsletter, we may drop it there…for free.


13.12.2016 r. We’ve released 2.0. v.[paradox] “Mind of the wicked”. This weird-ass album contains 29 compositions including original release of [paradox] 1.0. Even, for short period of time it was available in eco-pack [20] copies, now only available in our store and BandCamp.


13.11.2016 r. We’ve released [paradox]. 4th full lenght [4672] album, currently available at BandCamp in hi-res audio quality or stream or Spotify.


01.03.2015 r. promo single of [4672]: [paradox] album. Exclusively to BandCamp.


26.04.2015 r. First and I bet not last, Instrumental Release made after [paradox] album, however released prior that album BandCamp.


04.04.2014 r. Two tracks that hasn’t made it to [takuboku] album however still ready for grabs at BandCamp.


05.07.2013 r. We’ve released [takuboku]. At the begining it has been released as limited jewelcase 100x copies following 50x sleeves three months later . Currently only at BandCamp and stream of course.


05.07.2011. This is where it all began. Released as limited digipak 50x now up for grabs at BandCamp and stream.